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considering eating..  
11:27am 23/08/2010
I'm considering maybe eating today. today will be day 9 of fasting. my body and brain function absolutely suck, and I just feel like I'm constantly going to pass out. Walking to class is almost more than I can take right now.

I'm just scared that if I do eat a little something, I'll remember the taste of food, and it will be like my dream.. I'll eat everything in sight. I am so torn and so scared it's almost bringing me to tears. But that's probably just my emotions going crazy from not eating. I'm so constantly upset and pissed off. I hate it. I'm usually so bubbly and happy.

I need a nap desperately bad.

but I have to go back onto campus in about 20 minutes, then I have class until 3:15. then I have a chiropractor appointment at 4. damn chiropractor.. getting in the way of my plans! I have have have to take a nap before I go work out tonight. or I surely will pass out on the elliptical.

off to learn more random crap :)
hope yall are having wonderful days
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06:49pm 23/08/2010 (UTC)
i totally understand , how youre afraid to eat. i always feel like ill spiral out of control, because a few times i did. we're so afraid of failure it hurts.
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