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feeling like I'm in distress..  
05:21pm 21/08/2010
my weight was up this morning.. I have no idea why. I didn't eat anything, but i drank more gatorade than usual. maybe that's why?

I freaked out when I saw that number.

I've kinda just been running errands and doing stuff around the apartment all day. I think I'm about to take a nap then I'm going to go to the sanderson (the rec center on campus) and work out for a while, then hopefully if it cools down a little bit I'll run a tiny bit out on the trails. Running has been making my knee so sore though. Any kind of a hill is so painful.. and running down it is almost worse than up just because of the impact and how my knee is put together now. (they completely reconstructed the medial side of my left knee so it does not work anywhere close to normal anymore.. first they did a lateral release and a medial plication, but when that didn't work they took out one of my hamstring tendons, drilled a hole all the way through my patella and in the medial side of my knee and attached the tendon in both places. Then they advanced my VMO muscle (the main muscle in your quad that attaches to your knee) over and rerouted it so instead of going straight into my knee it is attached to both holes that the tendon is attached to. All in attempt to keep my knee from dislocating again) So therefore I have a lot of medial pull, which sucks for running down hills. It is painful. Very painful.

So I'm going to do the bike and elliptical today, then if i feel alright I'll find somewhere flat to run.

I'm gonna sleep quick while my ipod is charging. but i have a few things to talk to yall about tonight..

hope everyone is having a wonderful day
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(no subject) - (Anonymous)
(no subject)
03:41pm 22/08/2010 (UTC)
i weigh myself so many times a day it's ridiculous
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