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on the journey to loving myself..

..the voices will be silenced..

10 October
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Hello :) I'm Kristen.. I'm 20 and I'm a junior in college at Mississippi State- Kinesiology major with a Psychology minor. I'm a certified personal trainer and I absolutely love it.. lifting is my addiction. Who says girls can't have real muscles? I'm also the captain of the Mississippi State western equestrian team, and I'm the personal trainer to both the western and English equestrian teams. I'm from the midwest and I can't wait to get back. I'm pretty sure that living in the south around complete fakeness is slowly sucking out my soul. I feel like I'm getting more and more negative about life the longer I live here, I want the always happy, energetic me back, but that won't happen for a few more semesters. Gotta get done with school first.. want to know more, feel free to ask :) I'm basically just doing this to vent, I write a lot but maybe it will be good if someone else can read what i write? maybe it will help? who knows..

Even though I'm in recovery, I still can't seem to take this off..
Height: 5'6 1/2"
CW: 120-125
HW: 130
LW: 82 (age 15-16, but same height as now)
recent LW: 97 (August/September 2010)

Loves: The Lord, Jesus, running, horses, lifting weights, being a personal trainer, working out, playing with my puppy, hanging out with friends, laying out, going to Mississippi State football and baseball games, RINGING COWBELLS!!, raspberry wine, laying out, maroon nail polish, boating, hugs, kisses, the color pink, skiing, snowmobiling, mud bogging, hunting, fishing, country music, riding around with the windows down and music turned up, being healthy, meeting new people, working hard, being proactive, giving everything my all.

Not a fan of: Slackers, cheats, liars, talking behind people's backs, tons of homework, huge tests (especially finals), messy people (I'm a clean freak), complainers.. especially when people complain and don't do anything about it, seafood, cats, cloudy days, cold weather, bailing hay, my horse trainer, bad hair days, ugly makeup, and finally (and mostly) stupid bitchy girls.

Feel free to add me as a friend, I'd love to get to know ya and chit chat :)