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so incredibly tired this morning..  
07:04am 20/08/2010
I'm just exhausted. I tossed and turned from 3 on. Then i finally slept like the last half hour until my alarm went off. And now I'm completely exhausted again.

But I only have to make it though two classes today.. and I really don't care what I look like for class.. so I'm just gonna shower quick, throw on a tiny bit of makeup, put my hair up, make my coffee and leave.

Theater and psychology this morning. Maybe I can figure out why I'm so messed up on my own? Ha. I highly doubt that.

Then I have to go buy the rest of my books (which will probably be between $400-500) wow I hate spending money on books. Especially when you get barely any money selling them back, and if they need to change even just like two words in the book they make a whole new edition and make that edition required, therefore you can't even sell the book back. People who make/write college text books are idiots (or geniuses, depending on how you look at it.. I CHOOSE TO CALL THEM IDIOTS BECAUSE THEY TAKE MY SHOPPING MONEY, AND THAT'S MEAN!!).

Then I can finally come home and take a nap. And Callie will be gone. And it will be the weekend. Perfect. :)

Off to another day of no eating.. which will make 4 days. Plus Monday I purged everything I ate, and Sunday all I had was a piece of toast because I was hung over. So pretty much 6 days kind of. Amazing :) I know it's a sick, but this is like a challenge for me and gives me the biggest high. I don't need food like the others. I can be perfectly fine without it. It's like.. "How long can I go without it?" I love it, but I shouldn't..

Hope everyone has a great day and a great weekend!!
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